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Graduation Project: Information Literacy 2
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Role: UX Researcher & Designer
Design Tools: Adobe XD
Design Process: Empathize - Define - Ideate - Iterative Processing
Company: TU Delft Library
About: Redesigning the course to make more comprehensive and consistent for the students

TU Delft Library, which is a part Delft University of Technology, is one with innovative platforms with room for me creativity. Information literacy has four courses which are Information Literacy 1, 2, 3 and the PhD course. For this project, the focus is on Information Literacy 2 that is given on Brightspace. Brightspace is the current platform where online courses are being provided for the students. 

Information Literacy 2 is a course from the Education Support team given to Bachelor level students and International Master students. It is given to International Master students to also get them on the same level at the start of the Master course. The course is a continuation from information literacy 1 where students learn to analyze, search and process information for their research and projects. Information literacy 2 is a more advanced version. The expectations for this course is that when students work on their projects, it would be easier to find and evaluate the information and process it. With this, the library wants to students to learn from the course so that the knowledge can be applied in the projects, but also that students remember the course has the tools provided for them.

User Stories

TU Delft Library wants to redesign Information Literacy 2 because the current software is outdated. The library also realizes that a redesign can be used as a great opportunity to tackle other aspects. These aspects include that the course is not comprehensive enough and that students cannot see the consistency or connection between Information Literacy 1, 2, 3 or PhD. This is a problem because students do not understand that the courses are building on each other on a knowledge level and that students can come back and use the courses as a knowledge base where they can take away information. According to the library, the course has a lot of information provided such as paragraphs and questions. All of the courses seem to have a lot of information with different content and look completely different. This will result in students overlooking the information.

Visual Summary
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