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Haagse Hogeschool Project: Popup Bar (Group Project)
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Role: UX Researcher & Designer
Design Tools: Adobe XD & Photoshop
Design Process: Service Design - Research - Video Editing
Company: UrbanUX
About: A concept app that helps creating a shared public space within the The Hague University atrium 

This was a collaboration between some classmates and the company UrbanUX. The aim was to promote more social interaction in the atrium of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The project was done collectively by carrying out research to get a better view and understanding of the behavioral patterns of the visitors who walk through the atrium. With the results that were gathered, we created a behavioral map and user journey. After some creative sessions, as a collective group, we came up with the Popup Bar concept.

For more information, design report.

Behavioral Map
User Journey

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