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Haagse Hogeschool Project:
PUPA (Group Project)
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Role: UX Researcher & Designer
Design Tools: Invision
Design Process: Research - Design - Video Editing
Group Name: Chrysalis
About: Fulfilling life abroad for foreign housewives

A video that showcases an App ("PUPA") for housewives in The Netherlands who feel down most of the times because of lack of motivation to talk to other housewives who may feel the same way. I did this project with 3 other students for the course Design for Emotion at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The main problem for this course was to come up with some technological product for a target group where the product could help the target group with. This product would help the target group cope better in certain situations.

Relieving housewives of stress and inspire confidence when they are feeling insecure about their inabilities.

Moodboard (Confidence)

● Bright colors: mostly shades of grey and orange. Grey stands for solidity and reliability, and orange for confidence and success.  

● Shapes: The images are placed in a triangle shape pointing up which convey a strong and confident feeling. The wide base represents a strong foundation.

● Movements: Pointing up, Angular. Represents the upward trajectory of working on yourself and overcoming obstacles. 

Digital Companion Interface
Concept Poster of Video
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