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Role: UX Designer
Design Tools: Figma
Design Process: Iterative Processing
Company: vanHaren
About: A redesign of an app version for vanHaren

VanHaren is an known retail store in The Netherlands and in some cities in Belgium that focus on selling affordable shoes to customers. Customers enjoy coming to their stores because vanHaren provides good service and a fantastic experience for any new person that steps through the doors.

Havingn worked in a vanHaren store, I got accustomed to viewing their webshop constantly and always asked around if they had an design team in The Netherlands where I could work for as well since I want to start a career in UX/UI Design, and I thought, what better way to start a self project where I design/redesign the app form of the webshop for customers to be able to download the app both on IOS and Android.

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