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Haagse Hogeschool Project: Zootracklace
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Role: UX Researcher & Designer
Design Tools: MarvelApp
Design Process: Empathize - Define - Ideate - Iterative Processing
Company: Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo
About: Adding functionalities to an existing app to for users to use while inside of the zoo

Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo is the biggest zoo in the Netherlands and it hosts many animals that friends and families all over the country visit. The zoo also provides extra activities such as restaurants and playground for children. Because the zoo is big, there are services provides for the visitors to use to make their trip more enjoyable. Such services include paper maps and an app. The app is a way visitors can buy tickets for the entrance, find interesting facts about the zoo animals as well as a view of the map to find certain animals and other zoo services.

Zootracklace is a functionality that I came up with for the app where parents can keep track of their kids in the zoo. A big place like the Diergaarde Blijdorp can have unfortunate situations where kids could go missing. The zoo would sell toy necklaces for kids with a variation of animals to choose from. The necklace would be scanned with the camera provided in the app. It would then lead to a page where parents can choose their settings. With this functionality, parents can keep track of their kids the whole time that they are at the zoo. Depends on which settings chosen, the necklace will send an alert to the app to let the parents know where the kids are.

This would also have more visitors using the app while they are in the zoo.

For more information, design report.

Design Brief
Sketch Idea

This is the sketch of my idea that I came up with. The idea was to have the zoo provide necklaces for children with a code attached to it. Parents would have to scan the code with the camera provided on the app and by doing that, you will have the location of your child. This was all to prevent parents from losing their children in “the biggest zoo in
the Netherlands”.

Hi - Fi Prototype (first draft)
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