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Role: UX Designer
Design Tools: Adobe XD
Design Process: Iterative Processing
Company: OV Chipkaart
About: More efficient and convenient way to add money and check in with the app

OV-Chipkaart is the public transportation access card that most Dutch citizens use to travel. Such transportations include trains, trams and busses. Users of the cards have to check in and check out to get into these public transportations. Outside of every train station, there are several kiosks for users to charge money on their cards, as it costs money to travel.

Some current issues that I see with the card version is that users can only charge their cards when they get to the kiosks that are located outside of the trains stations and in other cases, when users charge it through the OV-Chipkaart website and are then asked to go to the kiosks and "pick up" the purchased that they have made. Given a situation where users are in a rush and still need to charge their cards, it would almost be impossible to make the train. A similar issue appears when someone who doesn't have enough money on their card wants to enter a bus at the bus stop. The issue lies that there is no kiosk to charge their cards, thus they would have to pay more than the actual trip. In most cases, users do not know that they do not have enough money on their cards, thus making them have to charge first at the kiosks which will make them even more late. Currently, the trams have kiosks inside of them where users can charge their cards. 


With the OV-Chipkaart app, users can charge their cards on the way without having to go to the kiosk to "pick up" their purchase. The app itself will also represent as a OV-Chipkaart. This is because cards are much easier to lose than someone's phone.


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